22:47 Ticket #951 (Possible overflow in video player) closed by ayleph
invalid: This doesn't appear to be happening anymore, and there's no more …
14:10 Ticket #5448 (Remove old mongodb cruft) closed by Boris Bobrov
fixed: Done in c159eeaf
14:10 Ticket #685 (Big Migration Unit Test) closed by Boris Bobrov
wontfix: I think this is not relevant any more. I am closing it as wontfix.
10:40 Ticket #5308 (SQL foreign key error when attempting to delete user with blog) closed by Boris Bobrov
02:35 Ticket #5464 (sqlalchemy is not supported as kombu transport) closed by Boris Bobrov


14:05 Ticket #5510 (Comments lost when navigating to next/previous media) created by ayleph
A user on my site complained that his comments are lost when he …


13:56 Ticket #5509 (Video with lower dimensions gets transcoded to higher dimensions) created by Vijeth
I uploaded a video with (256, 144) dimensions, and changed the max …


15:32 Ticket #5508 (Allow users to upload source files alongside media) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
worksforme: We have this! See …
01:57 Ticket #5508 (Allow users to upload source files alongside media) created by Alex Jordan
Given MediaGoblin's focus on free culture, etc., it would be really …


19:38 Ticket #5507 ([python, setuptools] module 'setuptools.dist' [...] has no ...) created by Aramir
Hello, Encountered this problem while installing mediaglobin 0.9.0 on …
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