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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#518 Package MediaGoblin for Debian Simon Fondrie-Teitler enhancement critical programming
#973 Re-enable check_db_up_to_date() in after fixing session issues Christopher Allan Webber defect critical programming
#634 Implement SVG support pythonsnake enhancement major programming
#715 Move CloudFiles storage backend over to pyrax ayleph enhancement major 0.11.0 programming
#728 Collection page shows thumbnails in reverse order Boris Bobrov defect major 0.13.0 programming
#960 Add search functionality tofay enhancement major programming
#963 to/cc/bto/bcc not supported on activities Jessica Tallon enhancement major 1.0 programming
#5311 Improve plugin documentation Laura Arjona Reina enhancement major documentation
#5316 disallow creating blog post without title ayleph defect major programming
#5328 White/blacklisting mimetypes in attachments and check file size molgrum enhancement major programming
#5365 Some improvements to collections views Jessica Tallon enhancement major programming
#5437 blog media_type uses inconsistent naming ayleph defect major programming
#5444 Implement 'type_match_handler' hook for all core media types ayleph defect major programming
#5502 Does not work with LibreJS Andreas Nilsson defect major 0.13.0 graphic design/interface
#5503 Move federation code to ActivityPub spec Christopher Allan Webber enhancement major 1.0 programming
#382 If video support is turned off after videos have been uploaded, videos are still shown and cause an error when clicked Ben Sturmfels defect minor programming
#743 Avoid crash when loading STL media without Blender in the server Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva defect minor programming
#908 Calculate volume of 3D media Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva enhancement minor programming
#999 Notifications panel Jeremy Pope enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#5059 Switch to use argparse berkerpeksag enhancement minor programming
#5376 Comment links cause server errors with recent migrations Boris Bobrov defect minor 1.0 programming
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