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#5620 fixed Download link missing on 0.10 TmCTux


since the new version, when displaying a video, under the label "download" there isn't the link to download the media anymore. It's still there on all the other media page generated before migration though.

I've raise the priority to major because although mediagoblin can be viewed as a streaming website, this link is mandatory for iOS user where the video viewer is not compatible and it was their only mean to actually watch the video.

thanks again!

#5618 fixed Add some example config Olivier Mehani

Just a few useful options added in the example config, for visibility.

#5615 fixed Find out about the package.json mentioned in extlib/README Ben Sturmfels

extlib/README mentions a package.json file that doesn't seem to exist. The commit message is "WIP" by Asheesh, so possibly this was something never completed? We should ask Asheesh. Currently the JavaScript dependencies are installed from bower.json.

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