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#97 FIXED Create a footer Jef van Schendel Jef van Schendel
We'll need a standard footer for most of the pages. Here's a ticket
to follow progress.

If you know something that should be in the footer, add it below.

Things that need to be in the footer:

-  Powered by MediaGoblin, a GNU project.

#100 FIXED Friendlier steps after registration Jef van Schendel Christopher Allan Webber
After a discussion on IRC we've agreed that we should make
post-registration friendlier.

-  After registering, we should auto-login the user (but still not
   auto-verify their email)
-  The user should immediately be redirected to a page like
   /auth/welcome/ that says:
   -  Welcome to mediagoblin!
   -  We sent you a registration email! You should click it before you
      can do anything! (Didn't get it? Click here to re-send)
   -  Once you've done that, you can start doing interesting things on
      our site:
   -  Update your bio!
   -  Submit images!
   -  Go to your homepage!

#102 FIXED Top menu / navigation layout Jef van Schendel Jef van Schendel
We should think about what we want to show in the top right of our

**Currently, when a user is logged in, we've got:** [user]'s
account home gallery (logout)

This is getting crowded! :)

**I propose we do this:**

-  Use [user] as the "home" link, which links to the user's profile
-  Remove the "gallery" link. If the user wants to see his or her
   own gallery, that can be done by going to the profile page, then
   clicking "all images" or something similar. **This leaves:**

-  The "logout" link. At first I also wanted to move this to the
   profile page, but cwebber pointed out it might be better to keep in
   the top right. While it may not be an action that is frequently
   used, it can be of high importance for security. Also, the placing
   right next to "[user]'s account" makes a lot of sense, I think.
-  An "upload" button/link. We don't have this yet, but the top
   right might be a good idea. Similar to for instance YouTube, who
   have a big bright yellow upload button always at the top. It makes
   sense, because submitting media is presumably what Mediagoblin is
   used for. :)

Other websites, like for instance Wordpress or Gmail, have a
dropdown menu, where you can view info or logout. It's one way to
do it, but personally I'm not a big fan. It's hard to make clear
graphically that it's a dropdown menu instead of a regular link,
they don't always work well on mobile devices and it makes the code
more complex.

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