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Friendlier steps after registration

Reported by: Christopher Allan Webber Owned by: Jef van Schendel
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.0.4
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After a discussion on IRC we've agreed that we should make
post-registration friendlier.

-  After registering, we should auto-login the user (but still not
   auto-verify their email)
-  The user should immediately be redirected to a page like
   /auth/welcome/ that says:
   -  Welcome to mediagoblin!
   -  We sent you a registration email! You should click it before you
      can do anything! (Didn't get it? Click here to re-send)
   -  Once you've done that, you can start doing interesting things on
      our site:
   -  Update your bio!
   -  Submit images!
   -  Go to your homepage!

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comment:1 by Jef van Schendel, 13 years ago

I've still got a few questions. What's important for me is that the
registering process is nice and smooth, and to make sure that the
user always knows what the next step is.

So the process I had in mind is pretty similar to the one described
in this ticket:

-  User registers on "Register" page by submitting username, email,
-  User is sent to "Verification" page that says:
   -  "You still need to verify, click here to send another one".
   -  Maybe some more welcome text, though I'm not sure that's

-  User verifies via link in email and is sent to "Welcome" page.
   On this page it says:
   -  If the user is logged in...
   -  "Yay, you've been verified"
   -  "Go here to edit your profile info"
   -  "Go here to upload some images"
   -  "Go here to explore other people's images"
   -  If the user is not yet logged in...
   -  It redirects to a login page. But this should not happen often,
      since the login happens after a user registers. It's just that the
      email verification link doesn't log you in.

**About editing a user's profile...**
I think it's okay if we give the user a bunch of placeholder info.
For instance in the "bio" field we could put "Hi, welcome to my
Mediagoblin page!" until the user changes it. Of course, as
described above, after the user has registered the welcome page
will invite the user to edit these right away.

**About logging the user in after registering...**
What do we put in the top right? Or rather, what does the user see
on his profile page? Right now we've got "[user]'s account" and a
link to his profile page. Should we also show this when the user
hasn't verified yet? Should we grey it out maybe? I don't think
it's good if it looks like you can edit everything on the profile
page, when you really can't do that yet.

comment:2 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

That sounds coherent.

Maybe next to the username we could have something like

[Username] [<Need verification!>] [Logout]

Where the second button is bright red and replaces the [Upload]
button described in
` <>`_

Or it could even just be a bright red [!]... I'm sure you can think
of something better :)

comment:3 by Jef van Schendel, 13 years ago

We discussed this a bit on IRC. I really like the <Need
verification!> link there, that's a good, prominent position.

What we think is a good solution:

-  There's the <Need verification!> warning in the top right, next
   to the username.
-  The username is still clickable, so no change there. However...
-  The profile page and verification page will be combined: if
   you're verified, you get the usual full-featured profile page, if
   you're not yet verified, you go to the same page but you'll see
   this, as drawn by cwebber:

   .--------------------------------. \| , You need to verify \| \|
   /! your email! \| \|--------------------------------\| \| Hey! This
   is your place for \| \| your media but if if you want \| \| to
   start uploading media here \| \| you need to verify your email. \|
   \| \| \| Didn't get the email? \| \| Click here to resend. \|

comment:4 by Elrond, 13 years ago

Component: Graphic Design / UI
If this needs a non-trivial programming subtask, a dedicated Bug
can still be filed. Simple programming things can be counted as
"UI" anyway.

comment:5 by Jef van Schendel, 13 years ago

Owner: set to Jef van Schendel

comment:5 by Jef van Schendel, 13 years ago

Milestone: 0.0.4
Status: NewIn Progress
I've created and pushed the needed content and links for this, I'll
close this ticket when it, uhm, actually works.

comment:6 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

Status: In ProgressClosed
Done! All changes discussed here merged in. The process is **so**
much nicer now.

comment:7 by Will Kahn-Greene, 12 years ago

The original url for this bug was .
#102: related, #186: related

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