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#224 fixed feature mentioned in text but it doesn't exist yet Caleb Davis Caleb Davis
"Excited to join us? To add your own media, make collections and
save favorites..."

Save favorites?

#231 WONTFIX Ambiguous mongodb version dependency Caleb Davis Caleb Davis
I unwittingly triggered an extra MongoDB version dependency because
I was running MongoDB v1.2.2 on omgmg (bad Caleb, bad!). The
symptom is as follows:

-  media items show up on root.html, but the link to
   /u/this-is-my-slug gave 404 errors. However, the
   /u/objectid\_string link worked. That is, until later Elrond found
   one for which the slug link 404'ed and the objectID link 500'ed. I
   don't have the traceback.

Chris investigated, figured out the problem was probably a MongoDB
version issue, cleaned up the mess by upgrading MongoDB, and
narrowed the issue down to older MongoDBs not being able to drop
indexes...or something like that. The exact cause remains unknown,
but what is known is that there is another MongoDB version
dependency lurking in the inky shadows somewhere between v1.2.2 and

If the dependency is met by v1.3 then the docs are correct.
Otherwise the docs are incorrect.

We could narrow down the version dependency in two ways:

1. Actively by stepping through MongoDB releases on one machine
   from v1.2.2 until the ambiguously defined issue is resolved.
2. Passively by keeping an eye out for this error in IRC, and
   asking users to report their MongoDB versions here before

I'm happy to do `#1 </issues/1>`_ using the old omgmg envball and
Chris's 404 test (below). Meanwhile please consider #2.

test -
` <>`_
gives 404 error. First MongoDB version without the 404 error meets
the "dependency." That's the best I can think of for now.

#79 FIXED Test authentication views Chris Moylan Christopher Allan Webber
Authentication views untested, need to test them!

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