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#353 invalid Titles on could use improvement Jef van Schendel
The HTML titles for pages by MediaGoblin, the software, are shown

-  [useful\_description] -- GNU MediaGoblin

For example:

-  My favourite picture -- GNU MediaGoblin
-  schendje's profile -- GNU MediaGoblin

Which makes sense.

But the titles on are a bit strange:

-  *Homepage:* MediaGoblin:: GNU MediaGoblin
-  *News page:* MediaGoblin
-  *Join page:* MediaGoblin:: Join the GNU MediaGoblin community
-  *Tour page:* MediaGoblin:: GNU MediaGoblin: the tour

So in some cases there's duplication, in others it could use a
better description and in almost all of these, *GNU MediaGoblin*
could be moved to the end like we do with the software.

I'm assuming some of these are residue from the previous blog
theme, and that the *News* page is generated differently, which is
why its title is the odd one out.

It'd be nice if we could improve these. :)

#354 fixed Option to stay logged in Jef van Schendel
Users don't stay logged in after leaving a MediaGoblin site. There
is no option to stay logged in (via cookies, or whatever the best
way to do this is).
#358 fixed New feed library that uses lxml Christopher Allan Webber
We're finding that our present feeds aren't extensible enough
and... well, we need to extend them! Inconexo is already working on
this in a branch:

[\ :sub:`inconexo/mediagoblin/inconexos-mediagoblin/commits/feed\_library](`\ inconexo/mediagoblin/inconexos-mediagoblin/commits/feed\_library)

I'll leave comments on that as I read through here.

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