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#62 FIXED slug uniqueness as db constraint Christopher Allan Webber Elrond
slugs need to be unique (either global or per user, I don't know).

This should not be handled in the app layer. This should be handled
at the db layer via constraints.

See `#320 </issues/320>`_ for a related issue.

current app layer check is in\_slug()

#65 FIXED Handle indexes ourselves instead of via mongokit Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
`\_thread/thread/50c0c9ab4a313010 <>`_

It looks like the indexes feature in mongokit is acknowledged as
not well implemented for production. We should figure out a nice
way of doing this ourselves, possibly via a command to ./bin/gmg
and then adding / removing indexes later via migrations?

Alternately we could keep some value in the database about whether
indexes have **ever** been set up, and if not, set up the current
indexes, and then handle all subsequent ones via migrations? We
don't want it to be hard to have new users have migrations from the
get-go without having to run an extra command, maybe.

#66 FIXED Better phrasing than "own your data" Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
Asheesh Laroia has rightly pointed out that talking about "owning
your own data" is misleading, esp if extrapolating free culture
from free software, "data shouldn't have owners". Think of better
phrasing, update
` <>`_

"Also, people should be able to own their data." to something

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