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#70 FIXED Usernames are case-sensitive Jakob Kramer
On registration you can register a new account even if there is
already a user with this name (but with some letters

An example: There could be a user "alice" and a user "Alice" at the
same time.

#71 FIXED Decisions on thumbnail size / main image display size Jef van Schendel Christopher Allan Webber
We need to make decisions on what the thumbnail size should be as a
standard... currently it's 200x200. What should be the maximum
width and height for resizing media that are are in media "display

#72 FIXED "Lost password?" functionality ("Change password" functionality possibly embedded in case) Caleb Davis joar
A user needs to be able to reset and recover his/her password.

When doing so, my initial plan is to

-  Generate a new password \* Generate a password hash for the
   newly generated password \* Overwrite the old hash with the new
   hash \* Set some kind of "user\_has\_forgotten\_password" or
   "requested\_to\_change\_password" value so that the user is pushed
   towards changing his/her password, thus avoiding any security
   issues related to the transfer of the password in plain text to the
-  Email the password to the user \* Ask the user to change his/her
   password \* Reset the "requested\_to\_change\_password" flag \*
   Update the generated password with the new password

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