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#400 Media licensing should be human readable accepted test, review enhancement major
#418 Leave slug empty until we are sure media processing was successful accepted post-sql bitesized test introspection defect major
#458 Functional testing via selenium, phantomjs, or similar accepted test task major
#465 Cannot delete attachments accepted test defect major
#467 write test scaffolding for core plugins accepted test enhancement major
#503 Write tests for the OAuth plugin accepted test enhancement major
#551 Create test that makes sure all migrations are sane accepted test enhancement major
#692 Proper documentation on how to author tests accepted test defect major
#745 Plugin Migration Tests new test enhancement major
#414 Ability to delete one's own comments. review test, review enhancement minor
#583 Create tests for atom feeds new test enhancement minor
#707 Setup trac dev environment for testing in_progress test Simon Fondrie-Teitler task minor
#5522 Add pixel to test_exif_image_orientation review test, bitesized, review defect trivial
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