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Better contribution patches / branches documentation

Reported by: Christopher Allan Webber Owned by: Will Kahn-Greene
Priority: major Milestone: 0.0.4
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We haven't explained now what kind of patches we want or how to
push a branch for us to merge in the docs. Well, at least we
haven't explained the patch part well. We should basically give an
example tutorial session on how to submit a proper patch.

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comment:1 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

Milestone: 0.0.2
Owner: set to Will Kahn-Greene
Priority: NormalHigh

comment:2 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago


comment:1 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

We could use descriptions of how to use feature branches in the
documentation code soonish. It'll make collaboration a lot easier
to pin that down and have something to point to.

comment:2 by Will Kahn-Greene, 13 years ago

With Chris' help, I overhauled the chapter on contributing changes.
It should theoretically be clearer and it also has an example
workflow that covers the whole process.

Changes made in:

fb69241 Tweaks git workflow structure
909c639 Fixes git workflow

I'm going to keep this open for comments until we're satisfied.

comment:3 by Elrond, 13 years ago

Component: Documentation

comment:3 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

I made a slight change and switched "Push your branch" to "Push
your feature/bugfix/issue branch". I know it's already said, just
that if someone's skimming over to the "preferred methods" of
contribution section I'd like that to be clear-ish, or maybe
noticable enough that they'll look for clarity elsewhere in the

comment:4 by Will Kahn-Greene, 13 years ago

I pushed some additional tweaks in b2cea31. This includes some
explanation of flags being used, fixes a typo, tweaks the
format-patch command line, and some other minor things.

comment:5 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

There's one more thing I'd like to see in here, and that's that
feature branches have useful names.

I pushed a change that I think handles this better. A few people
have been doing this anyway, and when we do things this way, I find
it really helps.

"issue\_42" -> "bug42\_meaning\_of\_life"

I know that adds a lot of verbosity but it really, really helps

Will, if you object to this or think we can make this better
(remove the "bug" part?) let me know.

comment:6 by Elrond, 13 years ago


comment:6 by Will Kahn-Greene, 13 years ago

Status: NewClosed
I don't object. Chris made some changes already and I tweaked the
"put your bugfixes in their own branch" text to also talk about
naming the branch in 0a80ad4.

I'm going to mark this as Closed.

comment:7 by Will Kahn-Greene, 12 years ago

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