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CC0 licensing for MediaGoblin Sphinx (docs) theme — at Initial Version

Reported by: Jef van Schendel Owned by: Christopher Allan Webber
Priority: minor Milestone: 0.3.1
Component: programming Keywords:
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The MediaGoblin documentation theme's CSS is located at
mediagoblin/docs/source/themes/mg/static/mg.css . I've added (what
I think is) a CC0 license header to the file, but it should be
specified in COPYING. Or, something.

Also, what about the "logo"? It's logo\_docs.png in the same

Oh, and there's the fonts, placed in
mediagoblin/docs/source/themes/mg/static/fonts/. That folder
contains a version of the Open Font License, but maybe that could
also use improvements.


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