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#233 FIXED Basic content license support Aaron Williamson nyergler
We need to add support for licensing content uploaded to GMG
instances. For basic support we need to implement the following:

-  attach the license (identified by a URI) to Media
-  allow users to select a license for media (probably start with
   fixed set)
-  display license when users view the media page

#265 FIXED No 'you really want to post a blank comment? yes/no' before posting an empty comment Aaron Williamson Caleb Davis
not a big deal, but one of those things to account for eventually.

#269 FIXED Make "confirm delete" checkbox label clickable Aaron Williamson joar
The size of checkboxes vary between browsers and operating systems.
In Ubuntu I can cover it almost entirely with my mouse pointer, and
on other systems they're not much larger -- Also, try it with
pointer accelleration & touchpad!

It would help greatly if the checkbox had a label that was
associated correctly with ....

` <>`_

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