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#434 fixed Two step guide to lower-footprint mediagoblin server deployments Christopher Allan Webber

We should make the mediagoblin deployment setup a "lower footprint" by default. There are two easy ways to do this:

  • Switch mediagoblin paste/wsgi deployment from mutliple processes to threaded. This requires #369 be resolved first.
  • Switch default celery deployment from multiprocess to gevent. This will save memory and reduce time between the initialization of each process.
#436 fixed MediaGoblin PuSH should happen post-processing Christopher Allan Webber

Right now if you have celery separated (processing is not synchronous) the PuSH push will happen *before* your processing ends up finishing. This is because the code actually happens in the view. Instead, we should move this code to the end of the processing code.

This is probably a fairly easy ticket, but I'm somewhat hesitant to mark it as "bitesized".

#441 fixed remove mongodb bits from documentation Will Kahn-Greene

The documentation in docs/ talks about installing and configuring mongodb. That should be removed.

M=d2eab) saturn ~/projects/mediagoblin/docs/source> grin -i mongodb
   85 :     ORM for MongoDB we're using which will make it easier to define
  151 :  holds the mongodb schemas---these are the data structures
  114 : Configure MongoDB
  122 : First, install MongoDB. On a DEB-based system run::
  124 :     sudo apt-get install mongodb
  128 :     yum install mongodb-server
  130 : After installing MongoDB some preliminary database configuration may
  133 : Ensure that MongoDB `journaling
  134 : <>`_ is enabled. Journaling
  135 : is enabled by default in version 2.0 and later 64-bit MongoDB instances.
  141 :    Running MongoDB without journaling risks general data corruption
  145 :    MediaGoblin recommends enabling MongoDB's journaling feature by
  149 : MongoDB can take a lot of space by default. If you're planning on
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