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#28 FIXED wiki Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
Seems like it'd be helpful to have a wiki. The wiki needs to have
the following properties:

1. editable by contributors without crazy hassle creating groups
   and permissions
2. can't suck
3. must have decent anti-spam measures that don't make it a hassle

Adding Chris and Tomaz for their thoughts.

#5062 fixed which bower > /dev/null doesn't redirect stderr ayleph

devtools/ uses which to look for bower in $PATH. However, it doesn't redirect stderr to /dev/null, so the user sees a misleading message if bower does not exist in $PATH. This causes the user to think that bower is being reinstalled every time devtools/ runs.

#275 FIXED web-site stop-gap fixes Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
We want to do a web-site overhaul. However, that's going to take a

In the meantime, we want to fix the following things asap:

1. add yeararchives links
2. add link to news rss feed
3. add headlines links to frontpage of last 5 news items
4. redo the style so it doesn't crib from diveintohtml5

I think that covers it. If there are other things that need to be
done, add to this bug and we'll do it or defer it.

cc:ing Chris and Jef.

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