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#193 FIXED {% trans %}'ify our templates Osama Khalid Christopher Allan Webber
We have a lot of strings in our templates, but they aren't marked
for translation! As part of the process of making MediaGoblin
translatable we should make all templates marked with the {% trans
%} tag.

` <>`_

#810 no-action zotero server API implementation alon

Zotero ( is a research tool. It has an open source (AGPL) client and open server API. Mediagoblin supports pdfs, audio & video. All that is required is the "web snapshot" and then it will support all media types that zotero likes (or we could figure out if we can do a partial useful zotero support to start with). By implementing the server API and suitably updating the client to sync to a give address we should have a completely open zotero implementation. Not sure if the existing server is not already open, but I couldn't find anything on the zotero site.

#889 fixed zh and ja are not RTL languages Yao Wei

Please remove zh and ja from RTL list. These are not RTL languages.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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