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#461 fixed Add X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff to default nginx config in docs pythonsnake Christopher Allan Webber

We should add "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff" to our HTTP response headers via nginx in our "default config". This will help prevent someone uploading a .txt file that the browser interprets as an HTML file, etc (which could be used to initiate an XSS attack or etc).

We could probably add such support via:

#1100 fixed Add a "Try it" link to the front page Asheesh Laroia

With this change, visitors to the MediaGoblin site can try a live instance.

For context, the demo is hosted on a demo server run by Sandstorm Development Group, which runs the FLOSS Sandstorm software. The path component in the URL is the app ID, so when new versions are uploaded to that server, this link will automatically update to install those new versions.

The Sandstorm "port" of MediaGoblin has the source code available for its fork here: and links to it in the footer, as a general good practice and also as a way of complying with the AGPLv3.

It uses target=_blank because, in my manual testing, after clicking this link and playing with the MediaGoblin demo, the default thing to do is to close the tab/window. It would be nice if the MediaGoblin website were still waiting for me so I could be reminded that I tried the demo to convince myself that I want to actually install MediaGoblin.

#1060 fixed Add a stable branch Christopher Allan Webber

Add a stable branch, which is basically whatever the latest release is, and update the docs to reflect that for deployment. Also make this the default docs on readthedocs.

Also, send an email to the devel list letting them know.

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