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#26 FIXED fix hacking howto setup for fedora 15 Christopher Allan Webber Will Kahn-Greene
The setup bits in the hacking howto don't work on Fedora 15.

Jef gets this when he runs python && bin/buildout:


    Develop: '/home/jef/mediagoblin/.'
    Develop distribution: Paste
    uses namespace packages but the distribution does not require setuptools.
    Uninstalling make_user_dev_dirs.
    Updating mediagoblin.
    Develop distribution: Paste
    uses namespace packages but the distribution does not require setuptools.
    Installing make_user_dev_dirs.

schendje: is that the entire output from buildout?
or just a snippet
that's everything
okay, yes, something's wrong then
schendje: I'll look into this... I guess if you like, you can not
worry about it and just design into a plain html file and I can
incorporate it

What should happen is that running that command downloads all the
requirements and builds an environment to run GNU MediaGoblin in.

Making this an issue for 0.0.2.

#28 FIXED wiki Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
Seems like it'd be helpful to have a wiki. The wiki needs to have
the following properties:

1. editable by contributors without crazy hassle creating groups
   and permissions
2. can't suck
3. must have decent anti-spam measures that don't make it a hassle

Adding Chris and Tomaz for their thoughts.

#30 FIXED Separate out and geniericify utility for parsing config from mediagoblin/celery_setup/ Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
It would be great if we could have something like:


    >>> from mediagoblin.util import parse_app_config
    >>> parse_app_config(path_to_config_file, app_section='app:mediagoblin')
    (app_config, global_config)

where the former is the app config (a dictionary of all values you
see in [app:mediagoblin] in mediagoblin.ini) and the latter is the
global config (a dictionary of dictionaries for all sections).

This tool kind of already exists in
mediagoblin/celery\_setup/**init**.py, you can see a section like:


        parser = NicerConfigParser(mgoblin_conf_file)
            'here', os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(mgoblin_conf_file)))
            '__file__', os.path.abspath(mgoblin_conf_file))
        mgoblin_section = dict(parser.items(mgoblin_section))
        mgoblin_conf = dict(
            [(section_name, dict(parser.items(section_name)))
             for section_name in parser.sections()])

This should be:

-  separated out into an independent utility
-  given tests in mediagoblin/tests/test\
-  able to take the specific section as the app\_section keyword
   argument (defaults to 'app:mediagoblin')
-  bonus feature? If 'app:mediagoblin' is not found maybe we could
   find the section by iterating through until we find the one that
   has 'use': 'egg:mediagoblin#app'

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