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#21 FIXED Put a link to our gitorious repo on main page and/or get involved Will Kahn-Greene Christopher Allan Webber
Specifically, link to:
` <>`_

#23 FIXED Structure for testing views via webtest Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
We need to start testing views to make sure they work right. Right
now we should create a "test app" to start testing things in.

Use webtest:
` <>`_

The testing app should be importable from something like:

            from import get\_test\_app
            test\_app, webtest\_app = get\_test\_app()

where the test\_app is the MediaGoblinApp instance and webtest\_app
is a wrapped instance in webtest.

The testapp should do the following things:

-  create a new database with the database name
   '**mediagoblinunittests**' or something with the default connection
   settings, dumping an old database if it exists
-  Attach a instance to webtest with
   that database... see the structure of paste\_app\_factory to see
   how to do this
-  create a public\_store and a queue\_store that write to
   temporary directories. Use tempfile.mkdtemp() to create these
-  when calling setup\_celery\_from\_config it should make sure the
   mongodb database that it calls is the *mediagoblinunittests*
   database we created.

One note: cache the database connection in a global variable like\_CONNECTION and also note whether
celery is set up in\_IS\_SET\_UP...
we should only set up celery once :)

#25 FIXED A nice looking basic theme Jef van Schendel Christopher Allan Webber
We need some sort of theme, any kind of theme :)

Some stuff mentioned here:
` <>`_

but admittedly that's a bit vaporous. I'd love it if we could have
a base theme that's dark, kind of tango-ish in colors and icons
(could even use tango icons!) etc.

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