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#34 FIXED write up instructions in hackinghowto for virtualenv Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
Using buildout has some problems. So we need to write up
instructions in the hacking howto for setting up a
build/development environment using virtualenv --no-site-packages.

#35 FIXED A workspace for processing media: "Operating table" / "workbench" etc Christopher Allan Webber Christopher Allan Webber
We have a storage backend that supports multiple media types, but
it's possible that certain types of media might require local files
to be processed through locally. For example, maybe we'll need to
have a local copy of a movie before we do transcoding. Etc.

Maybe it would be helpful to create a BasicFileStorage instance
that writes to a directory either made in /tmp/ or user specified
somewhere else (could default to
./user\_dev/media/operating\_table/ in the config, but if
completely not found in the config, could make a temporary
directory to dump things in?), but which keeps non-permanent copies
of files and local instances that will allow the files to be
"operated" on while moving from the queue\_storage ->
public\_storage during processing.

#36 FIXED Need a way to generate slugs for media entries, etc Aaron Williamson Christopher Allan Webber
We need to be able to generate URL slugs for media entries.

I'd really like to use
` <>`_
but have to clear it with the FSF that that public domain assertion
is okay for our codebase and to merge.

Regardless, we need to generate slugs for each entry anyway.
Probably during the submission phase after setting the title there
should be an entry.generate\_slug() method which sets the slug on
the MediaEntry instance.

This way we have a nice way of accessing for example the fictional

[\ :sub:`cwebber/w/a-walk-in-the-park/](`\ cwebber/w/a-walk-in-the-park/)

that last bit of the URL being the entry slug.

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