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#214 fixed Switch celery keys to be all-uppercase Larisa Hoffenbecker Christopher Allan Webber
Celery will finally be moving to a structure that will be much,
much easier for combining with MediaGoblin. Horray!

In order to better prepare for this, we should switch our config
system setup for celery's configuration to also have all
celery-relevant keys to be ALL\_UPPERCASE in form.

So a few changes:

-  Update mediagoblin/config\_spec.ini and set all keys to
   UPPERCASE form.
-  Update mediagoblin/init/celery/**init.**.py 's
   setup\_celery\_from\_config and remove the force-to-upper... well
   maybe anyway! I suppose it doesn't hurt to include this, but it
   isn't necessary any more.

This is a simple, bitesized task, appropriate for a new

#216 fixed What happens when you set a slug to an existing objectid? Anything bad? Christopher Allan Webber
Probably not, though that seems a bit nasty / tricky!

We might want to prevent someone from doing that though it probably
isn't a big deal.

#218 fixed Announce only mailing list Deb Nicholson Deb Nicholson
I'd like people to be able to get news from us without comments.
The target is press and other busy, but interested, people who
would get notes when we blog and **occasional** press type email
from me.

If there's an off the rack way to have the blogs contents converted
via html2text or using a rss2email script, that's cool but
otherwise I will write a 1-2 sentence abstract and include the blog

I'd be the only poster on this list. People who sign up for it
can't reply to the list. In the nitty gritty of permissions, it
probably makes sense for Will and Chris to be able to post, but in
practice, I don't picture you ever needing to post to that list.


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