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#433 fixed Update dependencies (webob, sqlalchemy) Christopher Allan Webber Elrond

GMG needs

  • webob >= 1.1
  • sqlalchemy >= 0.7

Those gave enough trouble the last days.

Maybe there should be some check_deps() which checks the dependencies at startup time? Maybe there is some format that and check_deps() can share?

#434 fixed Two step guide to lower-footprint mediagoblin server deployments Christopher Allan Webber

We should make the mediagoblin deployment setup a "lower footprint" by default. There are two easy ways to do this:

  • Switch mediagoblin paste/wsgi deployment from mutliple processes to threaded. This requires #369 be resolved first.
  • Switch default celery deployment from multiprocess to gevent. This will save memory and reduce time between the initialization of each process.
#435 fixed Wrong MIMEtype for audio source joar joar

The audio media display should state the audio as audio/webm instead of video/webm.

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