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#373 fixed Functional testing plan (test cases, e.g. for non-technical manual pre-release testing) Aleksej
Some quotes from IRC: ======


    <paroneayea> I think there's two things to that, we could use more unit tests, but we could also really use a functional testing plan
                 that is, a list of steps that somewhere before release time people can go through and test the software and make sure everything is working as expected
    <paroneayea> we could probably use omgmg for it.
    <AVRS> Mozilla uses Litmus, but it's going to be replaced.
    <paroneayea> even just a wiki page detailing procedures would be good, but a better tool like Litmus or a replacement would be nice
    <paroneayea> so this type of testing is less technical
                 it's more like you list a whole bunch of steps to test
                 like, submit a large image, see if it resizes right
                 register with a goofy username, see if it breaks
                 make sure that all of the expected functionality works from a user-clicking-through perspective


Example of Litmus test results:
`\_results.cgi?test\_run\_id=83 <>`_

#374 fixed Comment-field-opening “Add one” button is useless/broken/confusing when JavaScript is disabled Aleksej

The button (right above the comment field) is intended for users who will have to log in to comment.

#375 fixed Video Preload joar Jeremy Pope
The HTML5 video tag has a few options on how a video is loaded on
page load. Currently, MediaGoblin uses ``preload="auto"`` which
causes the whole video to be downloaded on the end users side, even
if they don't actually play the video.
The ``preload="metadata"`` option will only load the metadata and
first frame of the video on page load. This can help site
navigation quite a bit during low-bandwidth times (such as through
3G on phone's wifi hotspot).
I have edited the
file on my MG instance to have the 'metadata' option. A couple of
examples: ` <>`_ and
` <>`_

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