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#277 fixed Enable "favoriting" of media Aaron Williamson Aaron Williamson
Users should be able to mark media entries as favorites by clicking
a button/link in the entry detail view (and probably from gallery
views as well). This change will likely require the creation of a
new "UserFavorite" model with a structure like:

{'user': user\_id,
'media\_entry': media\_entry\_id,

...and also a new field on MediaEntry containing a count of
UserFavorites for that entry (to avoid expensive queries to
generate this number dynamically for every request).

#282 fixed create user group in wiki for editors Will Kahn-Greene
We need to create a new group in the wiki for people with enhanced
editing powers. Elrond pointed out we already had a plan for this
and to call it "Friends of the Elvenlord". Then he mentioned maybe
"Friends of the Goblin" is better.

Anyhow, MediaWiki rights are listed here:

`\_rights <>`_

It should have at least suppressredirect.

#284 fixed Support "Orientation" EXIF tag joar Aleksej
The tag specifies that the image is to be displayed rotated and

The tag is supported by:

-  MediaWiki (it generates thumbnails already rotated).
-  digiKam (there is an option to set Orientation after rotating an
-  Geeqie (rotates for displaying)
-  Nautilus
-  Eye of GNOME
-  Thunar
-  exiftran (according to the man page)

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