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#261 fixed Resized images should have individual (detailed) filenames (not just medium.jpg or thumbnail.jpg) Aleksej
Assuming that people want to download the smaller versions of
images, those versions need useful file names.

Currently the names are just "medium.jpg" and "thumbnail.jpg",
which are not unique.

Better names could be something like
"Original\_file\_name.medium.jpg". However, it attention needs to
be paid so that GMG does not try to create files with paths too
long for the operating system to process.

#264 fixed Make sure delete_media deletes comments Elrond
Looking at the code, it seems like the comments (on a media) aren't
deleted together with the media.

-  If the code exists, point me at it, so I can possibly add
   comments, so I'll find it next time easier. AND: Maybe there should
   be unit tests for the comments being deleted?
-  If even those unit tests for comment deletion exists... Oh well,
   Reject this bug.

#270 fixed Create shell scripts to ease launching of celeryd with a local .ini joar
Use case¶

Chewbacca launches ``./`` with the arguments
``-c mediagoblin_local.ini`` to prevent merge conflicts while still
having local changes from the default .ini.

One day, Chewbacca wants to be able to run celery in a separate
process. First, out of confusion he runs celery with


    CELERY_CONFIG_MODULE=mediagoblin.init.celery.from_celery ./bin/celeryd

This seems to work, but all the images are broken. Chewbacca
doesn't realise that the problem is that his public\_store is not
the ordinary public\_store but cloudfiles.

Chewbacca has to type


    export MEDIAGOBLIN_CONFIG=mediagoblin_local.ini; export CELERY_CONFIG_MODULE=mediagoblin.init.celery.from_celery; ./bin/celeryd

Chewbacca wants to type
``./ -c mediagoblin_local.ini``

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
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