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#1 FIXED create user accounts in moveable type Matt Lee Will Kahn-Greene
mattl: is there any chance you could make users for the movable
type instance for willkg, freedeb, myself? If you'd like to have a
phone call about this soonish, maybe we can figure out how this is
going to happen website-wise

I'm putting this in the Support tracker... though I'm not entirely
sure whether that's right.

Assigning this to Matt.

#10 FIXED add inspiration line to bottom of website pages Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
Since we're using the stylesheet from diveintohtml5 and the web
site looks a lot like the diveintohtml5 site, we should add a line
to the bottom of our website pages along these lines:

"site design inspired by diveintohtml5"

with "diveintohtml5" a link to the diveintohtml5 site.

This should probably get done (or alleviated by a different site
design) before we launch on the 30th.

#13 FIXED flesh out hacking howto in docs Will Kahn-Greene Will Kahn-Greene
This is kind of a hand-wavy issue in that it's hard to discern when
it's "completed". I vote we can use a gut feeling to decide one way
or the other.

Thus this bug is for helping to figure out what goes into the
Hacking HOWTO and making sure it gets there.

For April 30th, we want a Hacking HOWTO chapter in the
documentation that covers the following:

1. how to build a working development environment for GNU
2. how to run GNU MediaGoblin in a development environment (the
   deployment howto covers how to run it in a production environment)
3. how to contribute patches
4. where to look for things to work on
5. where to look for help when you're stuck

The document is in the mediagoblin repository in
docs/hackinghowto.rst .

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