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#191 FIXED Confirm password field Jef van Schendel Jan-Christoph Borchardt
Confirming a password is really cumbersome and not helpful.
Remove the »confirm password« field in favor of a »show password«

For reference, see Jakob Nielsen on the topic
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#192 FIXED Generic submit button label Jef van Schendel Jan-Christoph Borchardt
Instead of a generic »submit«, the button should always be labeled
according to action & context.

For example, »Register« when you create an account and »Log in« if
you log in.

#45 FIXED Submissions shouldn't require titles Jef van Schendel
When submitting an image, it's currently necessary to fill in the
title field or the user will get a "Field must be between 1 and 500
characters long." notice.

However, a title should not be required when submitting. For
instance, when submitting a large amount of images the user might
not want to think of and type in titles for every single one. We
should leave it up to the user to determine whether titles are
needed or not, instead of blocking the submission process.

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