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#52 FIXED Ignore trailing slash in most URLs Aaron Williamson
We should treat ``/u/aaron/`` the same as ``/u/aaron`` rather than
returning a 404. (Should this be true of URLs ending in a file
extension or not?)

#151 FIXED Order comments by date, ascending Inconexo ø Aaron Williamson
On the media "home" page, comments on photos are currently sorted
in descending order by date (i.e. reverse-chronological order, like
a blog). The standard order is ascending order by date.

This requires a change to media\_home() in

#152 WONTFIX Nicer error pages Aaron Williamson
The error pages are dull, off-the-rack affairs; their appearance
isn't consistent with Mediagoblin's otherwise lush visual theme and
as Caleb Davis points out, they miss an opportunity to convey
Mediagoblin's sense of whimsy and humor to users it has recently
disappointed. He suggests something akin to Reddit's
`you broke reddit <>`_
page. Other examples of amusing(?) error pages include
`tumblr's tumbeasts <>`_
and the
`Twitter Fail Whale <>`_,
neither of which any of us has ever seen because we use free
software only ever.

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