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#314 fixed Mozilla Persona (BrowserID) support Christopher Allan Webber
Talked to the openphoto people. They have browserid support, which
looks easy and pleasant:
` <>`_

Furthermore, the OpenPhoto people say it's easy. So why not support
it? :)


    <paroneayea> hub: we don't use browserid yet
    <paroneayea> but I'd like to
    <jmathai> paroneayea: said there's a json spec but it's not finalized yet
    <paroneayea> how hard is browserid to implement?
    <paroneayea> it looks beautifully pleasant to use
    <jmathai> trivial
    <paroneayea> really?
    <paroneayea> awesome

#328 fixed Atom feed thumbnails maiki interi
Not entirely on topic with `#658 </issues/658>`_ or
`#659 </issues/659>`_, but related.

My expectation was for the atom feed to contain the thumbnail of
the image (or equivalent of other media types). This is important
to me, as I want to widgetize/aggregate the feed on other sites.

I found two places where feeds are generated,
``mediagoblin/user_pages/`` and


        for entry in cursor:

I am not sure what the thumbnail is, but I am betting it is a
**summary** or maybe **content** (see the
`werkzeug atom docs <>`_).
I think this is important, even if we are moving to make it a full
ActivityStream, since the federation I have in mind is something
akin to a dashboard view of new photos posted on my friends'

So, can we get a thumbnail in there? =]

#332 fixed Comments from reviewing the new video merge Elrond
In this bug I will put comments as I review the new video code. I
will add new comments to this ticket as I go. I hope this is okay
and will be workable.

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