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#568 fixed please use signed git tags Thomas Koch


I checked out mediagoblin from source and wanted to start testing. However before that I'd like to know who wrote the code. Therefor I'd be very nice, if you could sign your git tags with git tag -s (man git-tag).

Thank you!

#569 wontfix please do not commit .jar files to git (closure-compiler) Thomas Koch


I found the closure-compiler jar in extlib/leaflet/lib/closure-compiler/compiler.jar. Is closure a hard dependency or could mediagoblin be built without it? closure is not packaged for Debian so it would make it even harder to get mediagoblin in Debian.

How do you plan to create a source only tarball if you commit .jar files to git? I'd propose to rely on closure-compiler being available and probably provide a two liner shell script to download and sha1sum the .jar file.

Regards, Thomas Koch

#570 fixed Crash after adding media to an unspecified collection Jef van Schendel

To reproduce:

  • Go to a media page
  • Click "Add media to collection"
  • On the resulting page, don't select a collection from the dropdown so it stays on "-- Select --"
  • Click "Add"
  • MediaGoblin crashes with this message: "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id'"

Possible options:

  • Return an error when no collection is specified
  • Remove the "-- Select --" option from the dropdown (thereby automatically selecting a certain collection - maybe the default "Favorites" collection we talked about?)
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