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#83 FIXED Messaging framework Caleb Davis Christopher Allan Webber
There's been some discussion of a messaging framework in
` <>`_
` <>`_

It would be good if we had such a system. Simply queueing messages
in the session and then iterating through them in the interface is
probably good enough.

We could have 3 simple types of message:
- warning message (red)
- notification neutral message (yellow)
- happy success message (green)

We could iterate through the messages at the top of the document
before we show the rest of the page. We could maybe also provide a
way with javascript to be able to "close" the messages though
that's lower priority for this ticket.

See also:
` <>`_
` <>`_

#101 FIXED Edit should only show up for media owner Caleb Davis Jef van Schendel
On any media page, the text says "Upload on X by X" and then shows
an "Edit" link.

This link shows up for anyone, but it should only be visible if
you're the owner of that piece of media and are logged in (and thus
are the only one that can actually edit it).

#104 FIXED Edit profile should be available to admins Caleb Davis Elrond
admins should be able to edit any profile, not only their own.

This shouldn't really be too hard to implement.
Not really needed for 0.0.3, so leaving the target version open.

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