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#338 FIXED Inform users of Markdown and other formatting options Jef van Schendel maiki interi
Riding on top of `#689 </issues/689>`_, it took me a while to
figure out that Markdown could be used (after HTML and Textile, I
ended up figuring it out from looking at closed issues). I don't
have any particular suggestion, but maybe an info box on the side
or the footer could indicate what can be used to format their

#352 FIXED Logo/artwork need visibility, documentation and guidelines Jef van Schendel Jef van Schendel
So here's an interesting post:
` <>`_

We've already had a number of articles writing about MediaGoblin
and hopefully we'll have a lot more. Yet we don't provide them with
any graphical material to use. We should make it easy for them to
find and use the correct logo (and possibly artwork), both out of
courtesy and to maintain consistency.

I'd like to:

-  Create a page that provides a vector version and several
   different sizes of the latest logo
-  Add some examples of how to use it properly (color, size,
   spacing, etc)
-  Advertise this page, for instance by putting it in the footer on, so it's easy to find

See for instance the
`Fedora logo usage guidelines <>`_
or the
`Firefox identity pages <>`_.

I'll assign this to me, but I'll need some input on several

-  What would be the best place for this: a wiki page, a spot in
   the documentation, or a new page on It probably
   will not (and should not) be updated frequently.
-  Do we also want to provide artwork for people to use, like our
   mascot? This might be harder to maintain and a bit excessive.
-  How are our logo and artwork licensed?

#359 fixed Comment counter always uses plural Jef van Schendel Jef van Schendel
On every media page there's a comment counter in an

.. raw:: html

element. But if there's only a single comment, it should say
"comment" instead of "comments".

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