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#148 FIXED Improve pagination styling Jef van Schendel Jef van Schendel
Pagination could still use some love.

I've got a tiny style changes in mind and will use this ticket to
track progress.

#171 FIXED Fat buttons/links are ugly Jef van Schendel Jef van Schendel
Bad schendje!

I'm talking about the "Submit media" button in the top left and the
"Verify your email" one in the top right, as visible in the
`latest release post <>`_.
Currently these have really fat, grey borders and I'd like to make
these look a little better.

I'm thinking "Verify your email" should have a style of its own,
because it's not so much a button as it is a warning/notification.
Either way it should stand out.

#172 FIXED Font in text fields is inconsistent Jef van Schendel Karen Rustad
The text inside single-line text fields (including fields for URLs
and so forth) is the normal sans-serif site font. Text inside
multi-line text boxes, however, is a much wider monospace font that
isn't found anywhere else in the site. The text entry font should
be consistent (and, IMHO, should be standardized on the normal
sans-serif that appears everywhere else).

Go to the Edit Profile page for an example (website field v. bio
field); I also noticed in on the Edit Picture page (title field v.
description field).

Confirmed in both Firefox and Chromium on Ubuntu 10.04. This ought
to be a pretty easy bug to squash.

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