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#151 FIXED Order comments by date, ascending Inconexo ø Aaron Williamson
On the media "home" page, comments on photos are currently sorted
in descending order by date (i.e. reverse-chronological order, like
a blog). The standard order is ascending order by date.

This requires a change to media\_home() in

#253 FIXED Filename extensions should be made lowercase on disk Inconexo ø Aleksej
"medium" and "thumbnail" versions of JPEG files are stored with a
lowercase ".jpg" name extension, but the original versions are
stored with whatever case was in the original file name: jpg, JPG,

So you get something like this:



(If the file has a random extension like "dfsg", it is simply not

The extension should be made lowercase, so that all sizes have the
same extension both on disk and when downloading.

#262 FIXED Make it clear when a deletion is cancelled due to unset checkbox Inconexo ø Aleksej
Currently media deletion happens like this:

1. Go to media page.
2. Click "delete".
3. Check the "I am sure" checkbox.
4. Click "delete permanently".

If the checkbox at step 3 is not checked, you are back at step 1
(the media page appears untouched).

MediaWiki and file managers do it differently: you don't have to
use a checkbox, but only click another button.

When the checkbox UI is used, but the deletion is cancelled due to
the checkbox being unset, a message should appear to the user, or
he might think that the deletion simply failed.

P.S.: I suppose that checkbox is there because people used to
deleting (or running a bot) may click through many buttons and
accidentally delete stuff. However, when everything uses a
checkbox, it will just slow deletion down and make the user get
used to that longer path. There should probably be a way to delete
larger arbitrary groups of media quicker, at least where it is
possible to upload large amounts of media.

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