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#5595 fixed Pin current Python 2 dependencies at <= latest working version Ben Sturmfels

Our dependencies are rapidly dropping Python 2 support which, due to our loose specification of versions in, means Python 2 installation may break at any time. For some reason, Pip doesn't seem to figure this out properly in my experience.

I suggest that for 0.10.0, the likely last Python 2 release, we pin the highest version for those dependencies to the latest Python 2 working versions, including dependencies of dependencies.

#5594 fixed Remove audio spectrograms (cleanup now unused code) Ben Sturmfels

Audio spectrograms don't work with Python 3 due due to a Python 2-only depedency on audiolab. The Python 2 code us unfortunately rather fragile though, which often results in bad experiences for people setting up MediaGoblin as well as bug reports.

Given we'll soon be switching to Python 3-only, I propose we drop audio spectrograms entirely. This will result in a less attractive but more reliable system.

See also #5457 for background.

#5593 fixed Update deployment docs for Debian 10 and Fedora 31 Ben Sturmfels

The deployment docs are a little out of date and need a full review. See docs/source/siteadmin/deploying.rst.

For Debian 10, we can refer to the Dockerfile-debian-python3-sqlite script, which installs and runs MediaGoblin in Debian 10 under Docker.

For Fedora, we may want to make another Dockerfile to allow us to quickly verify that we have the list of dependencies correct.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
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