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#5604 fixed Enabling audio and video marks all previous uploads as failed Ben Sturmfels

During my Debian 10 install testing, I noticed that after I enabled audio, my uploaded images were marked as failed processing and return 404. Then after uploading some audio and enabling video, all my audio was similarly marked as failed. It's fine for new uploads from there on, but the failed items remain failed.

#5603 no-action Error when running dbupdate after adding audio media-type Andrew

One of my coworkers is running into this issue while trying to add audio support to our GMG instance. I'm posting it for them because it's currently not possible to sign up for new accounts on this bug tracker. Thanks! : )

I am following these instructions for audio:

We have video, image, and pdf media types enabled. I am trying to add audio. I have added the dependencies. I get an AssertionError when adding under the [plugins] section of my mediagoblin_local.ini file.

"/srv/ccs-mediagoblin/mediagoblin/mediagoblin/db/", line 132, in migrations_to_run

assert self.database_current_migration is not None


The full traceback is identical to this unanswered mailing list message:

Version: gmg 0.9.0 stable

I think it is referencing the pdf version being 0 in the database.

psql mediagoblin psql (9.3.24) Type "help" for help.

mediagoblin=> SELECT * FROM coremigrations WHERE name='mediagoblin.media_types.pdf';

name | version

mediagoblin.media_types.pdf | 0

(1 row)

Changing 0 to 1 does not have an effect.

If I remove the line from mediagoblin_local.ini, the ./bin/gmg dbupdate command completes.

I did some of my own research about this issue. I wonder if this is related to the following file being nearly empty:


It contains only: "MIGRATIONS = {}", whereas the 'video' analog contains more.

Any insights into this issue are appreciated. Thanks! : )

#5602 fixed Trac ( is rejecting registrations again Ben Sturmfels

I thought I'd fixed this, but clearly not. Investigate what I did last time and check it has been applied permanently. Was related to HAProxy.

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