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#76 FIXED prevent CSRF and similar things nyergler Jakob Kramer
At the moment you can perform cross-site request forgeries,
cross-site scripting and similar things on MediaGoblin pages.

#77 FIXED Comments (simple) joar Christopher Allan Webber
Comments to MediaEntry objects should be possible

I think we don't need to do complicated threading for now. Just
comments which are paginated. Restricting to users registered on
that site for now is good enough. We'll want more than that
eventually, but for now it's okay.

-  Just simple flat comments, no threading (yet)
-  Just comments by logged in, active users
-  pagination of comments! Sorted by comment time, obviously.
-  Don't embed the comments, make the comments link back to the
   MediaEntries via their ObjectIds

That's it :)

#78 FIXED Rich descriptions in MediaEntries joar Christopher Allan Webber
Similar to
` <>`_
we should have descriptions be in markdown, and then we should
prerender them and display that prerendered niceness.


    >>> entry['description'] = 'I am *soooo* hungry!'
    >>> entry.render_body()
    >>> entry['description_rendered']
    u'<p>I am <em>soooo</em> hungry!</p>'

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