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#61 FIXED Use local fonts instead of linking to remote ones Shawn Khan Jef van Schendel
Right now we're using Google's Web Fonts embed code:

` <>`_

This retrieves the font files from Google's servers. In the future
we should store the files locally.

#62 FIXED slug uniqueness as db constraint Christopher Allan Webber Elrond
slugs need to be unique (either global or per user, I don't know).

This should not be handled in the app layer. This should be handled
at the db layer via constraints.

See `#320 </issues/320>`_ for a related issue.

current app layer check is in\_slug()

#63 fixed Canonical place for giving credits to contributors Will Kahn-Greene Christopher Allan Webber
We should start giving credit to everyone who's making GNU
MediaGoblin a success (and not just people who do (c) assignment
with the FSF).

Where's the best place to put this?

Assigning to Will, whom I know is presently overloaded, and can get
to after Miro 4.0 gets out the door.

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