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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 Braindump design plans into workflow.rst Christopher Allan Webber defect minor
#17 script to wipe data and environment defect minor
#91 backup of redmine issues Matt Lee task minor infrastructure
#152 Nicer error pages defect minor ui
#165 submit_success function deprecated defect minor 0.0.4 programming
#179 Photo comments appear in reverse chronological order defect minor ui
#231 Ambiguous mongodb version dependency Caleb Davis defect minor
#249 Base58 any mongo ObjectID's in URLs defect minor programming
#276 Make redminelib easy for newcomers Will Kahn-Greene defect minor
#317 Mature content defect minor
#185 Require mongodb v1.3+ defect trivial 0.2.1 programming
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