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#5519 Wrong directory served when requesting videos defect major programming no-action
#5429 Update documentation to reflect changes to mediagoblin.ini defect minor documentation fixed
#5460 Log IP address when a user enters a wrong password enhancement minor programming fixed
#5513 Can't delete draft blog posts defect major programming fixed
#5514 "Add to Collection" throws server error when no collection selected defect major programming fixed
#5589 Are subtitles working? defect major programming fixed
#5590 Videos are muted by default defect minor programming fixed
#5592 Make "–with-python3" the default task critical programming fixed
#5593 Update deployment docs for Debian 10 and Fedora 31 defect critical programming fixed
#5595 Pin current Python 2 dependencies at <= latest working version defect minor programming fixed
#5596 In docs "--with-python3" has been converted to display a single "em dash" defect major documentation fixed
#5597 There's a "latest" version of docs that doesn't have a clear purpose defect minor documentation fixed
#5598 Add deprecation warning for Python 2 defect critical programming fixed
#5602 Trac ( is rejecting registrations again defect minor infrastructure fixed
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