Welcome to the (legacy) GNU MediaGoblin issue tracker

For new bugs/issues, please use the ‚ÄčSourceHut issue tracker. To update an existing bug/issue, please go ahead and register. This issue tracker remains available because it contains useful history of the project as well as issues that still exist and features we'd still love to have. We do try to keep it updated when we fix an issue or add a feature.

In the past this system has been unstable and had registration, notification and spam issues, but these have been fully resolved.

How to register (updates to existing issues only, no new issues please)

In the navigation bar in the upper right there should be a link titled Register. Click on that, fill out the form. If you cannot see the link, follow instructions in the "Spam notice" section above.

How to log in

In the navigation bar in the upper right is a link titled Login. Click on that.

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