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#508 You shouldn't have to upload a whole file to find out mediagoblin doesn't support it programming defect accepted 10/13/12
#832 add preprocess hook to process() of media_types.image processors programming enhancement new 01/14/14
#5483 audio player is not accessible with screen readers graphic design/interface defect accepted 10/17/16
#5063 better handling of bad video files programming enhancement new 03/13/15
#5437 blog media_type uses inconsistent naming programming defect ayleph in_progress 03/03/16
#772 browser warning when you try to close mb when active editing programming defect new 09/16/13
#5318 cannot write mode P as JPEG programming defect accepted 05/04/15
#775 confirm on exit when uploading programming enhancement new 09/24/13
#267 counter to display access of media (showing the number of views) programming enhancement accepted 09/19/11
#931 deployment documentation - switch to mediagoblin user with sudo documentation defect new 08/01/14
#5316 disallow creating blog post without title programming defect ayleph in_progress 04/27/15
#867 home_goblin.png is hard-coded to the /mgoblin_static path programming defect new 04/19/14
#659 mark_entry_failed should possibly rollback session programming enhancement new 03/11/13
#638 meta-decorator hooks / emacs-lisp style advice programming enhancement accepted 02/14/13
#5341 mg-dev-environments repository needs migration to Savannah infrastructure task new 08/04/15
#870 new media don't appear directly programming enhancement accepted 04/19/14
#5077 share via a private link programming enhancement new 03/21/15
#872 support avatar from libravatar and Gravatar programming enhancement new 04/19/14
#5319 support for HQ videos programming enhancement accepted 05/20/15
#719 support for timeside - an audio component programming enhancement new 06/18/13
#499 the avatar image is necessary programming enhancement accepted 09/19/12
#869 user can edit and delete own comments programming enhancement new 04/19/14
#5489 user_ldap: Log something on failure due to SSL problems programming enhancement new 11/03/16
#5378 video area does not fit height when video is not transcoded graphic design/interface defect new 12/21/15
#1076 videos are not supported in the API programming enhancement new 12/15/14
#467 write test scaffolding for core plugins programming enhancement accepted 07/13/12
#5528 xss in videojs-swf programming defect new 09/27/17

Milestone 0.11.0 (12 matches)

#5473 Add detailed failure message to user and admin processing panels programming enhancement new 09/07/16
#5417 Add more type icons graphic design/interface defect new 02/16/16
#976 Bring back the ascii goblin programming defect new 09/23/14
#5599 Celery requires python3-gi and python3-gst-1.0 even when audio/video not enabled programming defect new 04/28/20
#5418 Fix the look of media type icon graphic design/interface enhancement new 02/16/16
#5601 Mention HTTPS in deployment docs documentation enhancement new 04/28/20
#5600 Mention a mail server in deployment docs documentation enhancement new 04/28/20
#1045 Merge sandyseventiesspeedboat into core graphic design/interface task review 12/01/14
#715 Move CloudFiles storage backend over to pyrax programming enhancement ayleph in_progress 06/01/13
#5474 Switch assert statements into proper exceptions programming defect new 09/08/16
#5616 Update Leaflet.js, jQuery, Video.js - heck, check and upgrade them all! programming defect new 05/16/20
#5430 admin media processing panel should be the same as user one programming enhancement new 02/29/16

Milestone 0.12.0 (2 matches)

#811 Move away from Paste* infrastructure enhancement new 11/12/13
#862 Not require the "mediagoblin" user during install (or, other permissions solutions) documentation defect new 03/25/14

Milestone 0.13.0 (11 matches)

#5529 "Newer" and "Older" page link captions are incorrect for Collection view graphic design/interface defect new 09/27/17
#5522 Add pixel to test_exif_image_orientation programming defect review 08/14/17
#728 Collection page shows thumbnails in reverse order programming defect Boris Bobrov in_progress 06/24/13
#5613 Configuration for default video quality programming defect accepted 05/13/20
#5502 Does not work with LibreJS graphic design/interface defect Andreas Nilsson in_progress 03/20/17
#5568 LDAP Plguin doesn't work well with Active Directory programming enhancement review 04/11/18
#5619 Modernise gallery listings programming enhancement new 05/16/20
#5586 My somewhat prioritised Mediagoblin wish list programming enhancement new 04/02/20
#5617 Private mode programming enhancement new 05/16/20
#5564 Show unprocessed media in processing panel programming defect review 04/09/18
#5509 Video with lower dimensions gets transcoded to higher dimensions programming defect new 05/29/17

Milestone 1.0 (7 matches)

#5376 Comment links cause server errors with recent migrations programming defect Boris Bobrov in_progress 12/18/15
#1063 Impeller should upload photos programming defect accepted 12/11/14
#607 Implement WebActivities and WebIntents programming enhancement new 01/25/13
#5503 Move federation code to ActivityPub spec programming enhancement Christopher Allan Webber in_progress 04/11/17
#603 Subscribing to users across instances programming enhancement new 01/25/13
#409 oEmbed support programming enhancement accepted 03/19/12
#963 to/cc/bto/bcc not supported on activities programming enhancement Jessica Tallon in_progress 09/05/14
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