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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#126 sharing and permissions programming enhancement accepted 07/03/11
#5580 fastcgi fails on Python3 programming defect new 10/13/19
#268 display where media is used (on external locations) programming enhancement accepted 09/19/11
#162 add quoting support to tagging programming enhancement accepted 07/25/11
#227 add multi-tag views programming enhancement accepted 09/02/11
#272 [Wiki] Make it obvious that e-mail verification is required for editing infrastructure task accepted 09/26/11
#5579 [PATCH] Fix comments in docker-compose.yml programming enhancement new 10/13/19
#320 Video: Extract and save poster image programming enhancement accepted 11/17/11
#5575 Upgrade setuptools and pip in Makefile programming defect new 11/10/18
#5574 Travis CI for MediaGoblin programming enhancement new 11/10/18
#341 Simultaneous upload and metadata/description editing ui defect accepted 12/04/11
#364 Shotwell integration with mediagoblin API programming enhancement accepted 12/20/11
#176 Return behavior after adding media is non-intuitive ui defect accepted 08/02/11
#220 RTL (right-to-left) language support. programming defect accepted 08/28/11
#344 Properly localize dates/times programming defect accepted 12/05/11
#351 Markdown editor programming enhancement accepted 12/08/11
#382 If video support is turned off after videos have been uploaded, videos are still shown and cause an error when clicked programming defect Ben Sturmfels in_progress 01/24/12
#180 Have a javascript-y autocomplete feature for tags you've used before ui enhancement accepted 08/02/11
#244 GIF images work on media pages in most (of my personally experianced) cases, but not all. graphic design/interface defect accepted 09/05/11
#5581 Failures after updating the operating system programming defect new 10/24/19
#350 Document what "Category" options are documentation task accepted 12/08/11
#164 Consider cache "table" programming enhancement accepted 07/26/11
#207 Add tag list to user profile programming enhancement accepted 08/20/11
#247 Add a language selector programming enhancement accepted 09/07/11
#263 A way to choose filename different from the before-upload one programming enhancement accepted 09/16/11
#260 A way for a reader to see thumbnails/resized versions in other sizes programming enhancement accepted 09/16/11
#82 "safety level"/ or some type of data for (mature) content moderation programming enhancement accepted 05/30/11

Milestone (73 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#810 zotero server API implementation programming enhancement new 11/03/13
#5528 xss in videojs-swf programming defect new 09/27/17
#467 write test scaffolding for core plugins programming enhancement accepted 07/13/12
#1084 warnings after startup programming defect accepted 01/11/15
#1076 videos are not supported in the API programming enhancement new 12/15/14
#5378 video area does not fit height when video is not transcoded graphic design/interface defect new 12/21/15
#5489 user_ldap: Log something on failure due to SSL problems programming enhancement new 11/03/16
#869 user can edit and delete own comments programming enhancement new 04/19/14
#5516 upload transcode fails on mp3 or ogg programming defect new 07/02/17
#946 trac: Allow accepted -> new infrastructure enhancement Christopher Allan Webber new 08/13/14
#499 the avatar image is necessary programming enhancement accepted 09/19/12
#719 support for timeside - an audio component programming enhancement new 06/18/13
#5319 support for HQ videos programming enhancement accepted 05/20/15
#872 support avatar from libravatar and Gravatar programming enhancement new 04/19/14
#1030 supervisord examples in documentation programming enhancement new 11/14/14
#860 supervisor control files documentation enhancement new 03/23/14
#5077 share via a private link programming enhancement new 03/21/15
#5549 python3 password check does not work programming defect new 11/13/17
#870 new media don't appear directly programming enhancement accepted 04/19/14
#5341 mg-dev-environments repository needs migration to Savannah infrastructure task new 08/04/15
#638 meta-decorator hooks / emacs-lisp style advice programming enhancement accepted 02/14/13
#5482 mediagoblin-licenses is no longer on PyPi programming defect new 10/12/16
#659 mark_entry_failed should possibly rollback session programming enhancement new 03/11/13
#229 import from flickr -> mediagoblin programming enhancement accepted 09/02/11
#867 home_goblin.png is hard-coded to the /mgoblin_static path programming defect new 04/19/14
#1008 gmg makeadmin <user> don't work... programming enhancement accepted 10/25/14
#5554 documentation suggests su -s /bin/bash, but the default shell is selected without the -s option programming defect new 01/23/18
#5552 documentation is missing "make" and "virtualenv" packages programming defect new 01/23/18
#5316 disallow creating blog post without title programming defect ayleph in_progress 04/27/15
#931 deployment documentation - switch to mediagoblin user with sudo documentation defect new 08/01/14
#848 decide what to do about mediagoblin/source/extlib/freesound/audioprocessing.py programming defect Simon Fondrie-Teitler in_progress 02/01/14
#267 counter to display access of media (showing the number of views) programming enhancement accepted 09/19/11
#775 confirm on exit when uploading programming enhancement new 09/24/13
#911 configure: error: Python Imaging Library is required programming defect new 06/22/14
#5520 celery has wrong broker in config files programming defect new 07/28/17
#877 celery crash infrastructure defect new 05/02/14
#5318 cannot write mode P as JPEG programming defect accepted 05/04/15
#772 browser warning when you try to close mb when active editing programming defect new 09/16/13
#5437 blog media_type uses inconsistent naming programming defect ayleph in_progress 03/03/16
#5063 better handling of bad video files programming enhancement new 03/13/15
#5483 audio player is not accessible with screen readers graphic design/interface defect accepted 10/17/16
#1018 atom feed fails when untitled media is included programming defect jsandoval in_progress 10/29/14
#543 atom feed IDs: reevalaute taguri programming enhancement accepted 11/20/12
#5558 apache config files on wiki don't work programming defect new 01/31/18
#832 add preprocess hook to process() of media_types.image processors programming enhancement new 01/14/14
#187 add gnu ftp system to release process infrastructure task accepted 08/05/11
#5556 a 'make' invocation following one that fails to install "wheel" skips python packages installation programming defect new 01/23/18
#5507 [python, setuptools] module 'setuptools.dist' [...] has no 'check_specifier' attribute programming defect new 05/21/17
#508 You shouldn't have to upload a whole file to find out mediagoblin doesn't support it programming defect accepted 10/13/12
#5404 X-Frame-Options for admin/moderator views programming defect review 01/22/16
#5519 Wrong directory served when requesting videos programming defect new 07/26/17
#503 Write tests for the OAuth plugin programming enhancement accepted 09/27/12
#749 With JS, videos can be (un)paused only with mouse; without JS, only with keyboard programming defect new 08/10/13
#5328 White/blacklisting mimetypes in attachments and check file size programming enhancement molgrum in_progress 06/23/15
#733 When viewing a Collection item, only cycle through the media in the Collection programming enhancement review 07/10/13
#1029 When uploading media, silently fails in the web interface, and AttributeError("'NoneType' object has no attribute 'processing_metadata'",): programming defect new 11/14/14
#644 When celery is not running but CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER=false, media do not show up under "Media in Processing" programming defect new 02/25/13
#582 Webdav as storage backend programming enhancement new 12/22/12
#5480 WebTorrent programming enhancement new 10/06/16
#5082 We need documentation about resolving user issues documentation task Jim Campbell new 03/30/15
#1004 Videoplayer has wrong height for videos with width>640 programming defect accepted 10/20/14
#5509 Video with lower dimensions gets transcoded to higher dimensions programming defect new 05/29/17
#5407 Video thumbnailer won't work anymore programming defect new 01/24/16
#756 Video pane dimensions in VJS skins are too small programming defect new 08/28/13
#696 Version checking against MediaGoblin for plugins programming enhancement accepted 05/08/13
#5493 ValueError: I/O operation on closed file programming defect new 02/09/17
#545 User().unicode() should be friendlier for templates programming enhancement new 11/21/12
#212 Use werkzeug as a caching abstraction layer (was: «use beaker») programming defect review 08/22/11
#541 Use versioned API URLs programming enhancement joar new 11/16/12
#5439 Use state other than "failed" to indicate draft blog posts programming defect new 03/07/16
#5494 Use gi.require_version('GstPbutils', '1.0') before importing GstPbutils programming defect review 02/09/17
#534 Use accesskeys in the forms graphic design/interface enhancement new 11/11/12
#560 Uploading videos - lack of progress cue or confirmation while transcoding graphic design/interface defect new 12/02/12
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