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#5614 fixed Document setup of single virtualenv/multiple MediaGoblin instances Ben Sturmfels

This is a note to Ben to remind him to write up how to set up single virtualenv/multiple MediaGoblin instances for the "Considerations for production deployments" docs.

#5611 fixed Upgrade issue from 0.9 to 0.10 TmCTux

during upgrade on a debian stretch up to date (I've redone all the step on a fresh buster and ended at the same place), there were an issue during configure on the following step: ./bin/python develop --upgrade

when trying to install MarkupSafe, minimum version required by egg file was minimum 0.23, thus 2.0.0a was installed, which failed. as a workarond, egg file has been modified to force version 1.1.1 which is stable to be installed. Configure was fine from there.

Then, upgrade failed because a previously installed plugin (mediagoblin_private) was not found anymore. After reinstallation, all was ok. I believe documentation should precise to either deactivate plugin during upgrade, or reinstall them before proceed at a suitable step.

#5610 fixed Re-Enable Audio Spectrogram for Python 3 Fernando Gutierrez

I propose a fix for the audio spectrogram code that works with Python 3.

I wrote a replacement that does not rely on the old unsupported third party code.

This new implementation only depends on numpy and soundfile/PySoundFile (PySoundFile was renamed to just soundfile in version 0.10, my implementation handles both)

Attached to this ticket is the patch

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