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#1079 fixed Activity.content is not fully translatable Jessica Tallon

Currently the "object" in the Activity.content is not translatable because it uses Activity.generate_content uses model.object_type which is purposefully forced to English as it's used in the API.

This could be fixed by doing:

    "image": _("an image"),
    "comment": _("a comment"),

This would allow it be translatable and get the correct article in English which is currently missing.

#984 fixed ActivityIntermediator bits Elrond

While looking at ActivityIntermediator, I noticed some bits.

The .set method could probably be rewritten a bit:

# We need to flush so that is populated
self.type = key

# First set self as activity
obj.activity =

And instead of checking values in .save use a validator. See

def validate_type(self, key, value):
    assert value in self.TYPES
    return value
#962 invalid ActivityIntermediator.TYPES doesn't allow plugins to use activities Jessica Tallon

With #905 we now have the activities that can be created when the user does something on GMG. However there is a fixed TYPES dictionary which doesn't allow plugins to add their models as objects which take part in activites.

The way this could be changed is to have a ActivityTypes table which is this map. The current TYPES can be populated by the FOUNDATIONS system and plugins can add themsleves to this table.

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