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#469 fixed Warn when the database structures need “./bin/gmg dbupdate” Aleksej

Sometimes the database structures need to be generated using “./bin/gmg dbupdate”.

E.g. when there is no database yet, this is necessary for GMG to start. When you add media types, it is necessary to be able to store the media of those types (GMG transcoded a video clip but failed to store it).

#470 fixed Add more information to mediagoblin.ini Aleksej

Changes to mediagoblin_local.ini often require running “./bin/gmg/dbupdate” or installing some dependencies. That should be mentioned in the comments in the file.

For instance,

  • changing the database requires at least dbupdate;
  • adding a new media type requires dbupdate and installing dependencies (mention the documentation page “media-types”).
#471 wontfix Consider using user_dev for mediagoblin.db by default Aleksej

MediaGoblin needs to be able to write into user_dev. OK.

When using sqlite, MediaGoblin by default needs to be able to write to mediagoblin.db and mediagoblin.db-journal. That means (at least in the beginning) being able to write to the directory with MediaGoblin itself.

If it not even worse for security, it would be better if mediagoblin.db was in user_dev, so only one directory needs to be writable.

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