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#419 fixed MediaGoblin can't handle (upload?) Large files Jorge Araya Navarro


I tried few times in to upload a couple of podcast, but the upload process failed in all attempts returning a "Broken by MediaGoblin" joke error message.

The duration of each podcast is 1 hour and the files are large than 250~ MiB because I have to add a "video channel" in order to upload it to youtube.

#420 fixed Reprocess failed uploads Brett Smith

When an upload fails to process for some reason, right now it hangs around the database in an unprocessed state, forever. When it's appropriate, we would like to retry processing on some of those uploads.

Reasons why processing might fail once and succeed later include all the usual transient errors we get in software: lack of resources, inopportune crashes or outages, gamma rays, etc. Probably one of the hardest parts of this work is going to be figuring out how to distinguish when to try again, and when we shouldn't bother.

If people can comment with specific situations that have happened in their MediaGoblin installs, and maybe a repr of the MediaEntry for that, it would be helpful.

I intend to tackle this.

#421 wontfix Support MySQL David Thompson

MediaGoblin currently does not support MySQL. It would be nice if it did.

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