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#5584 fixed Add visual feedback on links anongoblin

The hyperlinks on MediaGoblin could be underlined on mouse-hover so the user knows for certain that this is the link they are going to press.

Very small "on-hover" details like this are good for accessibility.

#5583 no-action "Create Account" and "Start an Instance" are squished together anongoblin

On the main starting page of Mediagoblin (when the user is logged out), there are two buttons: "Create an account on this site" and "Set up MediaGoblin on your own server".

The two buttons appear to have no margin between them, forcing them to be as close together as possible.

This is using the "base.css" theme.

#5582 fixed dbupdate fails with configobj.MissingInterpolationOption error anongoblin

I am trying to deploy mediagoblin on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ according to the instructions found on I've tried on both Raspbian Buster and Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2, but they both fail in the same place, as shown below.

mediagoblin@pi-mate:/srv/$ ./bin/gmg dbupdate
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./bin/gmg", line 11, in <module>
    load_entry_point('mediagoblin', 'console_scripts', 'gmg')()
  File "/srv/", line 148, in main_cli
  File "/srv/", line 235, in dbupdate
    global_config, app_config = setup_global_and_app_config(args.conf_file)
  File "/srv/", line 48, in setup_global_and_app_config
    global_config, validation_result = read_mediagoblin_config(config_path)
  File "/srv/", line 89, in read_mediagoblin_config
    mainconfig_defaults = copy.copy(config_spec.get("DEFAULT", {}))
  File "/srv/", line 96, in copy
    rv = reductor(4)
  File "/srv/", line 482, in __reduce__
  File "/srv/", line 557, in __getitem__
  File "/srv/", line 549, in _interpolate
  File "/srv/", line 352, in interpolate
  File "/srv/", line 330, in recursive_interpolate
  File "/srv/", line 417, in _parse_match
  File "/srv/", line 386, in _fetch
configobj.MissingInterpolationOption: missing option "here" in interpolation.

All of the steps leading up to that have executed successfully. I'm attaching the mediagoblin_local.ini file in case I missed something there, but I think everything is correct in it.

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