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#122 fixed set us up on openhatch Will Kahn-Greene
I haven't checked out the state of things, so I don't know where
they're at.

MediaGoblin should have a solid presence on OpenHatch
(` <>`_). This includes:

-  asking and answering the big questions on the project page
-  setting openhatch up to track our bitesized bugs (see issue
   `#382 </issues/382>`_)
-  getting a workflow set up so that when someone is interested in
   helping out, someone is notified and someone reaches out

#17 WONTFIX script to wipe data and environment Will Kahn-Greene
We need a script that a contributor could use to wipe their
buildout environment and the mongodb database.

This would be useful for:

1. testing clean-slate installs
2. development of initial startup stuff
3. fixing a development environment that's fux0rd due to bugs
4. some fourth thing

Adding Chris as a watcher because he asked me to make the bug.

#672 fixed rfe: pdf media type support alon alon

Supporting PDF files would let mediagoblin have many more use cases, such as a collection of datasheets, research papers, and books.

A working pdf media type is at:

The test is not in there because I wasn't sure how it should be added - I have it written but the problems are:

  1. it needs to run only if pdftocairo is available

So I can add some code to check for the existence of that executable and only then enable the media type and test.

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