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#997 fixed Add an "Add Media" Button to the Current Media screen when no files have been uploaded yet sebomoto

When no media files have been added the user could be prompted to upload some files by displaying an "Add Media" button there.

This follows the ideas of

#698 invalid Add an option to disable video transcoding OsamaK

Currently, all uploaded videos must be transcoded to WebM which makes MediaGoblin much more difficult to deploy on shared-hosting servers due to expensive video processing and additional library dependencies.

There should be an option to disable transcoding and to allow WebM uploads only and directly without trascoding.

In case other formats are uploaded, the standard error message can be shown: "I do not support this format. :("

#2 FIXED Add appropriate copyright headers to all files / adjust COPYING Will Kahn-Greene Christopher Allan Webber
Add / adjust copyright headers on all files.

-  Python files already have appropriate AGPL header, except need
   adjustment to provide exception for HTML (maybe also CSS for the
   sake of clarity?) files. See:
   ` <>`_
   though we will probably need to make some adjustments to that.
-  HTML templates should contain CC0 header. See:
   `\_FAQ#May\_I\_apply\_CC0\_to\_computer\_software.3F\_If\_so.2C\_is\_there\_a\_recommended\_implementation.3F <>`_
-  Move COPYING to AGPLv3.txt
-  Download
-  Create a new COPYING which describes that python code is under
   AGPLv3 (AGPLv3.txt) w/ exception for HTML templates, Javascript
   under AGPLv3 w/ exception for HTML, and HTML templates / images /
   CSS of base theme all under CC0 (CC0\_1.0.txt)

If we end up having CSS files by the time this is written we should
also add headers to these, but do this in the style listed at the
bottom of this post:
` <>`_

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